Sales is either an exhilarating career that adds meaning to your life, or a depressing job that drives you to despair. No matter what your product, company or background, much of your success is based on what you do. It’s easy to blame the product, your boss, the company, the customer, the economy, or even the weather. The truth is the ultimate factor of success or failure belongs to you.

Do you have what it takes to become a Successful Sales Professional? Of course there is more to being a professional salesperson than the basic attributes stated below, but they are a great place to start.

1. Commitment
You need to have real commitment to what you’re doing – total and full commitment to be in service and communicate with your customer. For example, meeting customers’ needs with a fast response time shows you are committed and interested to earn their business. Commitment also includes persistence. Many salespeople are unable to handle early failure; most of them feel that after three calls to a prospect, it’s time to give up. Either they expect instant success or their egos were too fragile to take failure. Just hang in there if the sale has potential.

2. Overcome Rejection
To be good in sales, one must understand the difference between a business refusal and a personal rejection. Once you understand that when a client says ‘no’ it is not a personal rejection, you make a quantum leap into the ranks of professionalism. Speak positively and proudly about your company, product/service, and yourself, we don’t have to disparage competitors. We build upon our strengths, not the weaknesses of others.

3. Listening Skills
Good sales professionals “explore” people’s needs. They ask questions, and listen. Sales
professionals should see themselves as counselors and problem solvers, not hard-selling sales people. By developing effective questioning and listening skills, sales professionals can create an understanding of the client’s concerns well enough to offer solutions.

4. Enthusiasm
A positive attitude is a strong asset especially in sales. Enthusiasm reflects a salesperson’s excitement for the product and what it can do for the prospect. Rarely will one find a successful salesperson that isn’t sincerely excited about his/her product or service.

In short, success in sales can be yours, provided you’re willing to work on these basic attributes. Keep working on them, and then work some more. Sales can drive you to the bank, or drive you crazy. The choice is yours.

Ken Ng
CEO/Senior Managing Consultant