Petaling Jaya -: Endless efforts and government spending in the fight for Malaysian Unemployment; our government raised their concerns especially for the unemployment rate of our fresh graduates.

Exactly how effective are programs like “Train & Place” by the government in tackling the challenge of Unemployed Fresh Graduates? With such support and privilege has it been fruitful or has the “Train & Place” become our fresh graduates’ medium to “training hopping” in avoidance of their actual employment hunt.

Candidates taken into the “Train & Place” programs are given in-class soft skills training and apprenticeship placement for a total duration of up to 5 months. Under such conditions, fresh graduates are guaranteed an interview and job placement without much effort from their end; and to top things up, a generous amount of allowance is granted for the duration of their attachment.

This great opportunity proposed by the government has soon created a new occupation among fresh graduates; Training hopping. Among a few challenges faced by the appointed recruitment agents which carries “Train and Place”, one of the biggest concerns for the recruitment consultant is having to find fresh graduates who have spent at least 9 months just attending one “Train and Place” after another.

During confidential interview between the candidate and the consultant, the concern was raised for those who have been “Train Hopping” for a while. Much to their surprise a majority of candidates find it is easier to hop from one “Train and Place” to another and be content with the no-pressure attachment compared to seeking a full time employment that does not pay much better than their current allowance.

Now it makes us realize that our government’s effort in channelling and providing solutions to our fresh graduates will soon become an opportunity exploited if it is not addressed more appropriately.

Precautions need to be taken in drafting out a firmer base for the “Train & Place” program or there will soon be another hot occupation in the market: Training Hopping.