How are your sales people selling today?

Customers today are bombarded with advertisements that offer all kinds of products and services, and usually all at reasonable prices. In return, the typical salesperson today is merely telling their customers about their product or service, what its features are and ultimately asking them to buy it. This is the method used by many sales people today – which is causing them to fail. The sophisticated customer today wants and expects more.

Understand Me:
Customers are looking for people who are not just there to sell them something, but who are there to understand their needs and they want customize solutions to achieve their objectives.

Value-add to Me:
Customers want more than just a solution; they want value-adds to their organization, product, process and to themselves in the form of what is next after the solution.

Provide an Experiential Buying Experience for Me:
Customers want an emotional connection throughout the whole process of buying with the salesperson. They want to feel special and that they are making the right decision. Furthermore, the more they can connect with the sales person the easier the decision will be.

However these 3 simple fundamental rules of selling are repeatedly being broken over and over again by many salespersons. Yet these salespeople wonder why they fail to get the sale. They don’t understand, they don’t add value and there is no experiential buying experience. Isn’t it time that we changed that.

Fortunately, selling like any other profession when approached systematically can deliver fantastic results. What a salesperson needs to do is continuously practice KSBH. That is continuously Learn new and better selling KNOWLEDGE. Next, apply the knowledge so that it becomes a SKILL. Practice the skill continuously so that it becomes a BEHAVIOR that is practiced consistently so that ultimately it becomes a HABIT that is used continuously. So start KSBH today for better sales revenue.