I was experiencing running a few Teambuilding training programs for corporate. Interestingly, I found few common problem and challenges that the participant and organization encounters during the program.

Firstly, despite greater emphasis on teams, there is confusion between what exactly a team is and what a group is. The differences between the two are subtle yet significant.

“A TEAM is a small group of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance, and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable”

“A GROUP is a large group of people working together where goals or objectives are either personal or unclear, information is given on a ‘need to know bases’, trust and openness are measured, conflict is accommodated and feelings aren’t part of work”

Secondly, I discover that organizational face difficulties and challenges building, developing and maintaining a TEAM.

No ROLE Models:

  • Team at the top of organizations are the most difficult to create
  • Top teams do not always set the best examples of how to work together

No Performance MEASUREMENTS:

  • The organization does not measure performance
  • Teams needs to needs to deliver results otherwise why do we have them?

Too many TEAMS:

  • Teams are seen as the answer to every solution
  • If every ‘time a problem or a new challenges arises, the answer is ‘let’s put together a team’

Emphasis on INDIVIDUALS:

  • Organization recognizes individuals and not teams
  • The appraisal scheme are geared to individual performance

CULTURE of competition:

  • The organization’s culture does not encourage co-operation
  • If the culture is one where taking risks is not promoted and making mistakes is remembered, people will play safe.

Too many PEOPLE:

  • The larger they are; the more difficult to communicate with and control
  • The greater the danger that sub groups will form, increasing the potentials for conflict