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Evaluation of Training (Part 1 of 4)

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By ATCEN Human resource development is an important function in any organization, big or small. It motivates the staff and at the same time ensures that the organization will always have skilled workforce. In the daily process of planning for staff training, one of the more important tasks to be carried out in the training cycle [...]

An Investment for Your Human Capital

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By ATCEN Under the Human Resource Development Act 2001, it is mandatory for companies in the manufacturing and service sectors to contribute a monthly levy to the Human Resource Development Fund. The levy is managed by Human Resource Development Berhad or PSMB (Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad); whereby the money is returned to the companies when the [...]

Thoughts On Training ROI

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By Jeremy Lee You want to conduct training and development programs for your people, but the BOSS wants to see the Training Return On Investment (Training ROI) before he will approve the training, so what do you do? As a training and consultancy organization, we are constantly bombarded with questions from our clients on how they [...]

Hot Occupation: Training Hopping!

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Petaling Jaya -: Endless efforts and government spending in the fight for Malaysian Unemployment; our government raised their concerns especially for the unemployment rate of our fresh graduates. Exactly how effective are programs like “Train & Place” by the government in tackling the challenge of Unemployed Fresh Graduates? With such support and privilege has it been [...]

The Forgotten Partner of Training

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“Does your organization provide training to its employees?” The usual astounding reply will be, “Yes, it does.” Pose the question, “Do the employees receive coaching?” and replies will vary. It is not surprising to note that organizations tend to overlook the need for coaching, as compared to training. In many instances, managers are confident training is [...]