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Preffered Learning Style

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By ATCEN Classically, our learning style is force upon through life like this: In grades Kindergarten to 3, new information is presented to us KINESTETICALLY. Grades 4 to 8, learning information are normally presented VISUALLY. Grades 9 to college and into the business learning environment, information are presented to us in AUDITORY by lecturers and presenters. [...]

Experiential Education

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By ATCEN Experiential Education is not a newly discovered education system but it’s a life education system when an individual is born into the exciting world that we live in. Exploring, discovering and experiencing a situation, environment and people will have great contribution and development to the individual belief, behavior change, personal development and growth. The [...]

Adult Learning

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By Dessy Barnaby Part 1: Identifying the characteristic of Adult as learner. Adult learning was first pioneered by Malcolm Knowles; Malcolm highlighted few characteristics we need to know in order to understand the adult as learner: Self-directed: as learner adult appreciate more if they are allowed to get involved in the learning process and become the [...]