The transformation of a contact center from beast to beauty hinges on the original reason for setting up a contact center. Concentration of resources and perspective of performance has to be directed in two areas, Quantity and Quality.

In the contact center industry, technology and methodology are abundant and most operations will already have their respective systems in place. However, there is still a shockingly low level of awareness in the merits of Qualitative over Quantitative measures.

The Qualitative concentration to Customer Experience Quality is the catalyst to transforming your contact center into a profit center and not expenditure to your organization. Having highly delightable customer experience contacts between agents and your customers will provide you with an opportunity to transform customers into advocates singing praises to potential customers.

A Customer Experience Quality program requires both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of a customer contact transaction with a higher emphasis placed on the latter. It is essential that quality programs focus on the emotional experience for both the agent and the customer. The agent has to be able to tailor service that suits individual customers – at both the emotional and pragmatic levels.

In creation of an evaluation form that will follow a call through from greeting to close, there are 4 areas that one needs to put into consideration. Call Management, Call Courtesy, Call Accuracy and Call Experience.

Call Management – The overall control of a call is essential in delivering a positive emotional experience. Effective call handling relies on an agent understanding the unique situation and circumstance of each contact. Taking a customer through logical and methodological steps provide customers with confidence in the agent.

Call Courtesy – Courtesy is easily identified. However, establishing different levels of courtesy is where most Customer Experience Quality programs falter. Exact articulation and establishing of these levels in many instances have assisted companies in establishing organizational benchmarks.

Call Accuracy – Information is by far the most popular reason a customer would be motivated to call a contact center. Accuracy of this information is the foremost determinant of customer satisfaction. Evaluation of call accuracy provides the pragmatic balance to a Customer Experience Quality program.

Call Experience – Not unlike call courtesy, the overall call experience in any agent-customer transaction is difficult to articulate. Yet when successful, it proves to be a gigantic leap into the Experience Economy where the emotional echoes of delightful service resonates long and deep in a highly delighted customer base.

Ken Ng
CEO/Senior Managing Consultant