At ATCEN, we procure a a variety of Personal Protective Equipment to ensure our clients keep their offices safe.
It is part of the any company responsibility to keep a safe and healthy work environment. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Protected!

Respirators and 3-ply Masks

Anti-bacteria Hand Sanitiser

Disinfectants & Spraying Services

Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

COVID-19 Test Kits & Services

Body Safety PPE


Face Shield

Biohazard Bag

Disinfectant Chamber

CS GEN 2 – Fever Screening System With Tablet Computer

High Precision Temperature Measurement Thermal Bullet Camera

Dual-vision Human Body Temperature Measurement Camera

Face Recognition Thermal IP Camera

CS Temperature & Face ID Ai Thermal Imaging Face Recognition

Face Recognition Panel With Body Temperature Detection

Eco Sterilising Solution