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Most managers need to communicate with a wide variety of people from their staff, fellow management peers from across their organizations to their superior and external stakeholders. Success hinges on one’s ability to build strong relationships at all organizational levels. So how do you build a close working relationship with your stakeholders in today’s world of information overload, fast-moving happenings and ever-changing office arena? How do you communicate effectively, have their ears and hearts, and affinity?

With this training course, you will learn how to better identify your crucial stakeholders, plan your engagement with them to develop a positive working relationship based on mutual respect, and maximize long-term benefits by dynamically adjusting your approach.

Workshop Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the importance of project stakeholder management
  • Able to systematically identify stakeholders, create a stakeholder register.
  • Identify and understand stakeholder needs
  • Know how to perform a stakeholder analysis
  • Developing strong stakeholder relationships to ensure success
  • Gaining stakeholder commitment and support
  • Articulate our thoughts and opinions to others confidently
  • Describe the process of managing stakeholder engagement
  • Explain methods for monitoring stakeholder engagement
  • Achieve goals by enhancing trust and cooperation
  • Clarify and manage and expectations effectively
  • Apply strategies to gain cooperation and support
  • Building trusting relationships and rapport
  • Avoiding common mistakes in managing expectations

Who Should Attend?

  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Senior Managers

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