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This workshop will look to reinforce current skills and also develop a range of additional presentation techniques to ensure participants give memorable and powerful presentations to varied audiences; large and small. Although this training will look briefly at the structure and design of presentations, it will be more focused on advanced delivery techniques that are used by professional speakers to engage their audiences and developing a range of additional presentation skills that will take the participants’ facilitation skills to much higher levels.

It will be assumed that a fair degree of experience has already been gained in delivering to both large and small audiences and the workshop will be tailored very much to the requirement and skill sets of the participants in the workshop. Participants will learn a range of advanced techniques such as advanced facilitation skills, infusing engaging stories, using humor effectively, dealing with audience sensitivities (and hostility), working with audio equipment, managing questions effectively and a range of techniques including voice projection to ensure that their presentations achieve maximum impact.

Participants also have the option to be videoed throughout the workshop and there will be constant feedback, group interaction and practical exercises.

Workshop Objectives

  • To understand the importance of dynamic presentation skills to close a business deal;
  • To learn how to tailor engaging messages that appeal to the business community;
  • To develop skills in preparing and delivering dynamic presentations to Senior Management individuals;
  • To leverage on audio-visual aids to maximize impact;
  • To develop persuasive communication strategies;
  • To capitalize on non-verbal communication skills to maximize effectiveness.

Who Should Attend?
Any individual interested or required to conduct high level presentations or presentations to large crowds

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