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(highly experiential role-play based learning) The Persuasive Principled Negotiation Skills workshop is specially designed to equip individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills for successful negotiations through persuasive communications. It seeks to expose participants to the intricacies of negotiation in sales, daily situations and at the workplace with colleagues. Achieving the ultimate aim of enabling them to be more successful negotiators individually by gaining leverage on preparation, understanding self and assessment of negotiation opponents.

Workshop Learning Objectives

  • Understanding what is persuasive negotiation and how to use it in negotiation situations;
  • Assessing of individual negotiation behaviour and preferences;
  • Learning the various stages in the negotiation process;
  • Applying the various techniques available in a negotiation;
  • Develop an understanding of how to listen to and use your opponents words to gain an advantage;
  • Learning how to prepare a team for negotiation.

Who Should Attend?
All individuals who are involved in negotiation situations

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