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Workshop Description

Any business growth is limited by the entrepreneur leading it. The mind-set of an entrepreneur needs to be different from the rest. They see problems as opportunities to be solved, they look at collaboration, and they are result orientate.

This 5 days program seeks to assist the participants by undergoing with them a journey to seek and transform the way they see business and the way they interact with self and others for their business

The participants will come out from the program ready to take on their business to a new level or start it. For this program, the participants will cover the 4M – Mindset, Marketing, Money, Model.

Workshop Learning Objectives

  • Understand the mindset needed to be a Successful Entrepreneur
  • Practice FOCUSED in everyday life by setting GOALS and being adaptable in the outcome to the project
  • Build better personal self-management with EQ
  • Learn how to enhance self-management with DISC
  • Improve your relationships by improving your relationship management
  • Develop Business Acumen skills to make a more informed business decision, drive performance, analyze strategic context and develop winning strategies
  • Derive their Business Model Canvas on their business idea
  • Learn the basic accounting principles
  • Know the importance of branding and marketing
  • Develop a clear understanding of marketing and how to achieve the desired branding results
  • Understand the organisation as an integrated business system that is part of the Triple Bottom Line
  • Know how to present on their organization

Who Should Attend?

  • Any person who wants to become a better an Entrepreneur
  • Any person who works for self or in a small team but wants to expand their business

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