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This program aims to provide Supervisors the confidence and impact both as an individual and as a team member. It provides them with a sound understanding of their roles, responsibilities, accountability and goals for them to manage those under them.

The Effective Supervisory Skills Workshop provides proven solutions, workable tools and essential skills to develop the management skills of a supervisor. The workshop is comprehensively developed to be practical in its delivery to ensure that the supervisory practices the key skills areas and project themselves to their subordinates as a role model.

Workshop Learning Objectives

  • To understand the characteristics of an effective Supervisor;
  • To be a role model to the people.
  • To motivate their team members to achieve organization goals
  • To learn the necessary skills to communicate people;
  • To learn to organized the work to ensure efficiency and effectiveness;
  • To consistently enhance the competency of the people;
  • To manage the performance of the people;
  • To be able to supervise the group and lead to a self-discipline employees
  • To promote better team cohesiveness

Who Should Attend?

  • Assistant Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Line Leaders
  • Executives / Senior Executives

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