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In any organization, it is common that there would be a certain individuals or group who would be challenging to deal with. This poses a challenge to most people as there are only two ways most people deal with this predicament – ignore them or fight head on. Both ways, the situation is never pleasant and more often than not it leaves one or both parties unhappy.

This is particularly true when the situation becomes hostile and when strong feelings become involved. Resolving such situations can be mentally and physically exhausting and emotionally draining. Some people prefer to avoid it all together and sweep all these under the carpet. This 2-day workshop introduces you to skills needed to manage yourself and the “difficult person” better.

Workshop Learning Objectives

  • Understand conflict its relation with professionalism
  • Understand one’s behaviour personality
  • Demonstrate professionalism when interacting with staff and peers
  • Enhance self-confidence in challenging situations
  • Differentiate assertive and aggressive behaviour
  • Appreciate the benefits of being assertive;
  • Apply assertiveness skills in ‘real-life’ situations;
  • Learn techniques to handle various difficult individuals

Who Should Attend?

  • Non-Executives
  • Executives

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