Certification Programmes

Professional certifications have many benefits to an organization and individual. Most successful organizations and corporate professionals will agree that a continuous thirst for knowledge in an individual is a key element in building a growing, thriving business. And although continuing education and certification programs can be an investment of time and resources, they help provide recognition for your specialized knowledge or skill set, which can be a significant benefit when it comes to landing certain clients or projects.

ATCEN’s certification programs will assist you to:

1. Obtain a Competitive Advantage
Having undergone training that others haven’t can set you apart from the crowd when pursuing new businesses or career opportunities. Certifications differentiate you from other professionals in your industry, a testimony that you have a demonstrated commitment to understanding and excelling in your profession. This gives you a distinct advantage especially in today’s aggressively competitive market.

2. Validated Efficiency
Professional certifications can also help to provide you and your organization with a structured solid foundation. The advanced training, information and knowledge that you gain from the specialized module and course work can provide you with the most recent tools and technical applications that will serve to guide and increase the efficiency of work execution. This in turn, allows you to manage the many aspects of your work with increased effectiveness.

3. Increase Individual Earning Potential
With the investment of time and effort resource in professional certifications often results in increased income potential. Most candidates will understand the higher costs associated with specialized training and are willing to pay for the potential long-term earning potential in the future more than justifies the investment into industry certifications.

4. Expand Knowledge and Skills
By obtaining new and updated industry knowledge and techniques, you can focus current work practices that may be causing inefficiencies or create quality issues in your performance. Increasing your competencies can help give you the competencies and confidence to break new ground in implementing a more sophisticated working environment for you and your organization.

5. Build Professional Credibility
There are an increasing number of organizations that are challenged with hiring people with high competencies that, when looking at potential candidates, they want (or may even be required) to hire the individuals who possess certifications from recognized programs. Certification also demonstrates your organization’s capability and commitment to superior professionalism, upholding industry standards, and continued learning. These merits can help boost overall professional credibility and prestige within the industry and with your current clients, and when pursuing new business opportunities or bidding on projects.

Certifications are often a worthwhile investment because of the many advantages they can provide throughout your career. As you move forward and as your business evolves, be sure to keep your certifications up-to-date so you can continue to realize these benefits.

Certification Partner Bodies

Customer Experience and Interaction Centre Related

Western Kentucky University

Western Kentucky University (WKU) has its roots in 1875. Today, this Top Rank State University located at Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA is home to over 22,000 students from all over the world. WKU offers over 79 Academic Majors and 84 Academic Minors Undergraduate Courses. www.wku.edu.

Since 2006, ATCEN has been working with Western Kentucky University, Division of Extended Learning and Outreach (DELO). This collaboration of industry experts and academics resulted in Malaysia’s 1st home grown series of Certified Programs for Contact Centre. Malaysia’s 1st home grown series of Certified Programs for Contact Centre by industry experts and practitioners and accredited by CCAM and an academic body.

Certification Programmes Download Brochure
Certified CX Management – Practitioner (CCXMP)
Certified CX Management – Professional (CCXMPro)
Certified CX Management – Architect (CCXMA)
Certified Contact Centre Manager (CCCM)
Certified Contact Centre Trainer (CCCT)
Certified Contact Centre Coach (CCCC)
Certified Contact Centre Team Manager (CCCTM) – Indcert
Certified Contact Center Quality Assurance Manager (CCCQAM) – Indcert
Certified Contact Center Quality Assurance Analyst (CCCQAA) – Indcert
Certified Customer Service Professional (CCSP)
Certified Contact Centre Professional (CCCP)
Certified Help Desk Professional (CHDP)
Certified Professional Trainer (CPT)

Industry Certification (INDCERT) HRDF Funded Training

What is INDCERT?
INDCERT is a training funding program by Malaysian Government through Ministry of Human Resources. If your company is HRDF registered and eligible, you will get 50% for approved training listed on this page. Find out more.

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