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Sales Success: Do You Have What It Takes?

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Sales is either an exhilarating career that adds meaning to your life, or a depressing job that drives you to despair. No matter what your product, company or background, much of your success is based on what you do. It's easy to blame the product, your boss, the company, the customer, the economy, or even [...]

Preparing Sales Professionals for the NEW Economy

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Whether we like it or not, the emerging new economy will not be controlled by physical assets which is used to determine wealth in the old economy. It is no longer those who own more land that matters, but those who possess knowledge and intellectual capital. An example of intellectual capital is the human capital, where [...]

Infectious Excuses in Sales

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The demands prospects have on sales professionals in today’s business climate is one that leaves nothing to be much excited about - at least from the sales person’s perspective. The threats of globalization and mergers have left cuts and bruises in many (but not all) sales professionals struggling to emerge as champions in the sales [...]

First Timer Sales Traps

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Most sales and business development executives today will use cold calls as one of the standard modes of approaching new clients. However, there are some obstacles I’d refer to it as traps, which the executive will fall into. Almost all first timers at sales will fall into either one of these traps, if not all of [...]

80% of Sales Revenue Comes From 20% of Sales People

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Business Executives always complain about 80/20 performance, where 80 percent of the sales are produced by 20 percent of sales people. In order for a sales person to move into the top 20%, there are some sales skills that can be learnt by asking “Who” “When” What” “Why” “Where” and “How.” When we use all the [...]

6 Secrets to an Effective “Consultative” Sales Approach

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Zig Ziglar once said, “In order to achieve what you want in life, you must first help others in achieving what they want”. This quote has since been the mantra of every successful and would be salesperson. Gone are the days of a “didactic” selling approach, where the salesperson would feed information or instructions on a [...]

Sales Success in a Recession

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Let’s agree on one thing. It doesn’t look good out there and businesses are not spending. Cautious? Impending closure? No credit? You will hear it all. However, how you view the economic horizon and your success as a sales person depends on you!Here’s the truth of it all - If you think it’s bleak, you’re right! [...]