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Improving Individuals and Team through Experiential Learning

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By ATCEN Adventure / Outdoor Education is an educational vehicle for self discovery and personal growth outside the traditional classroom atmosphere. The emphasis is on relationship concerning people and natural ingrown resources found in them. Adventure Education encompasses two relationships, interpersonal and intrapersonal. Interpersonal Relationship refers to; How people relate in a group? These involve communication, [...]

We are a TEAM. Are you?

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By ATCEN I was experiencing running a few Teambuilding training programs for corporate. Interestingly, I found few common problem and challenges that the participant and organization encounters during the program. Firstly, despite greater emphasis on teams, there is confusion between what exactly a team is and what a group is. The differences between the two are [...]

Body Language and Non Verbal Communication

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By Ezinearticles It’s important for sales professional to research a little bit more into the above and I read a few articles online to familiarize myself with body language. When meeting a client for the first time and conducting a presentation, observing their body language or non verbal communication is critical because you will know when [...]