Success Reminders in Outbound Telesales

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  • 02 Nov 2017
  • Michelle

Success Reminders in Outbound Telesales


Mass selling with the telephone has come a long way since its introduction in the 1960s. What started out as an individualistic selling approach has now turned into a performance intensified team-based job; thanks to the emergence of call centers. The call centers role in sales has brought about new terminologies like telemarketers and outbound telesales.

Such revolution in sales has changed much of the conventional face-to-face selling environment. Call center sales professionals are required to be vocally captivating instead of visually pleasant; quick on their fingers instead of their feet. Thus, selling over the telephone requires a new set of “secrets to success”, where many have been taught and said. The following are amongst the many “golden rules” in outbound telesales which we ought to remember if we wish to succeed in closing sales seals over the telephone.

Reminder #1: Opportunities don’t come knocking. You got to do the calling.
A successful telesales individual does not hold truth to luck. He/she seeks to change his outcome and results by action, for he/she lives by a strong principle of every action ultimately gives an assuring reaction. Stop wishing that every prospects/customers will revert to you voluntarily with your desired answer. Keep asking for the opportunity to close.

Reminder #2: The more you hit, the more you get.
It’s a numbers game. Certain sales gurus are trying to defy the notion that outbound telesales is a numbers game, by readdressing the issue of ‘cold call’. We should never forget, sales is and will always be a profession of prospecting. The ability to reach as many souls on the other line will always be the first step towards a sale. That is the Law of Probability.

Reminder #3: Improve your Law of Average Hits.
The Law of Average Hits acts as the differentiator towards achieving the desired results in both effort and time. A successful telesales professional does not leave his/her faith solely to the hands of the Law of Probability. He/she knows by putting the extra effort in knowing the prospect (prior the call), perfecting the sales pitch, and enhancing one’s communication skills; results can be achieved by half the time and cost. While others are closing 20 deals by the hundred hits, you would have closed 40.

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