Let’s agree on one thing. It doesn’t look good out there and businesses are not spending. Cautious? Impending closure? No credit? You will hear it all. However, how you view the economic horizon and your success as a sales person depends on you!

Here’s the truth of it all – If you think it’s bleak, you’re right! If you think it’s bright, you’re right!

The best news you’ll ever hear about the economy and its effects will be that your competitors are slowing down like everyone else. Here’s where you find out if you’re gonna make it or not. Are you just an ‘order taker’ doing well when times are good OR are you a TRUE SALES PROFESSIONAL?

The sales professional sells hard when others are not. To borrow a quote from the iconic motivator ernie-chen.com, “If you think you’re selling hard, sell harder!”

Here is how you prepare for sales in the ‘hard times’:

  1. Gather Yourself – Your mind is the most important tool in these trying times, getting focused is key. Go buy The Pursuit of Happyness and watch it every weekend.
  2. Who Are You Representing? – Evaluate the organization and product/ services you are representing. Does it have sustainability?
  3. Redesign Your Pitch – Clients have the same concerns as you during economic downturns. Have you redesigned how you sound?
  4. Adapt the Positioning of Your Product – Everyone’s afraid, fear is a fantastically when leveraging on emotional selling. USE IT!
  5. How Do They Pay? – Will your clients have challenges paying you for your product/ services?
  6. Who Do I Sell To? – Go over your database, review your prioritizations, re-qualify them, are your contact points still there, etc. Know the field you are playing in and know each and every bump.
  7. Double Your Numbers – Give stretch goals a re-definition, give it a good streeeeetch! However be ready to work three times as hard.
  8. Scale Down Your Overhead – Watch your expenses and spending, go guerilla. Pick up one of the many Guerilla Marketing books from your nearest bookstore.
  9. A, B, C – Always Be Closing. ‘Nuff said…
  10. Give Yourself Constant Mental Workouts – Rejuvenate yourself in mind, body and heart. Pick up 10 Ultimate Tips for Confidence. A great book I keep with me everywhere I go.

Do the above and keep an eye out for your most successful season!