Designed to improved general and business English and deliver better test scores. Available across a range of devices, allowing for seamless mobile study.

What it is?

This is the perfect course for elementary to advanced learners (TOEIC *225-990) who wants to improve their overall English language skills in the most efficient and effective way, and thereby get better scores in any of the international proficiency tests.

What it provides?

A clear and objective improvement in a learner’s English level and a significant improvement in international test scores for leaners who are willing to study the course for 2-3 hours a week over 3-6 months.

Key course features include:

  • Highly personalized learning formula that chooses specific lessons and focuses on each learner’s needs and weaknesses
  • Seamless study experience across desktop and mobile devices (iSO and Android smartphones/ tablets)
  • On mobile devices, download lessons for offline study
  • Exciting multimedia content and proven educational design, tested and improved constantly by learner feedback
  • Grammar: 100 lessons, Listening: 125 lessons, Reading: 125 lessons. Total 350 lessons
  • Total lesson time: 45-60 minutes divided into smaller learning modules; leave lesson at any point and return to exactly where you left off
  • Course materials taken from common topics and situations in the English-speaking world, chosen to improve language skills and understanding
  • All lessons follow a clear and proven learning cycle, improving skills and confidence step-by-step
  • Each lesson includes a test designed to provide timely feedback
  • An easy-to-understand Grammar reference, and downloadable MP3 podcast for all listening lessons provide additional support
  • Full reporting and mentoring systems ensue excellent leaner progress and an exceptionally high percentage of students completing their course

* TOEIC is registered trademark of Educational Testing Service (ETS). This product is not endorsed or approved by ETS.

ATCEN serve a right as an authorized distributor of Reallyenglish in Malaysia since January 8, 2016. Letter of Authorisation