Welcome to ATCEN

ATCEN aspires to be Asia’s People and Capacity Development Partner. We believe all individuals can contribute to the betterment of self, to the organization and community.

Having played an active role in developing high performance in the human capital of large, medium and small organizations in the Asia Pacific Region, we continue to strive to deliver measurable change in our services.

Having been established in 2003, we have garnered extensive experience in delivering business training, business events and capacity building engagements for professionals and businesses worldwide. In our customers’ eyes, ATCEN represents Accountable, Partnering, Integrity and Customer Centric.

The ATCEN Team delivers exceptional quality services by empowering our people to fulfil our purpose and mission to develop people and build sustainable capabilities in organizations.

Brand Directions

Asia’s People and Capacity Development Partner

To Develop People and Build Sustainable Capabilities in Organizations

Accountable . Partnering . Integrity . Customer Centric

Our Specialities

Corporate Training
Capability Building
Corporate Events
Public Programs

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