At ATCEN, our mission is to help you develop processes and strategies that allows you to outperform and out-sustain your competition and lead in your industry. Our industry specific consulting team can help you create, develop, and implement proven tactics to take your business or any part of it to the next level or be aligned.

We provide a clearer lens to overcome the challenges and optimise the opportunities moving towards greater organization success.

Train the Trainer Meets

Train the Trainer Meets

As one of the premier training companies in Malaysia, we hold regular trainer meet trainer sessions with fellow trainers. These sessions are great for networking and allows for independent trainers to meet and socialise for further collaborations.



The SME CEO Meets is an integral part of the SMEConferences. This is an intimate intelligence platform specifically targeting the CEO of SMEs Malaysia to understand the dynamics and challenges facing their industry. These Meets also allows opportunities for the participants to Network.

These SME CEO Meets starts with a presentation of a certain topic by a CEO or external presenter. The meets are followed with discussions and sharing from the Host of the session.

Business Knowledge Exchange Program

Business Knowledge Exchange Program (BKEP)

The objective of the Business Knowledge Exchange Program is to provide a face-to-face platform for individuals from various organizations to share and exchange ideas. It’s aim is to improve organization effectiveness and learn each other best practices.

All Business Knowledge Exchange will entail organization visits and presentations. This will enable those involved in knowledge exchange to identify and generate valuable lessons that they can bring back to their respective organizations for adoption and implementation.

Some of the organizations that have been involved:

  • Amanah Raya Berhad
  • Cell Safe International Sdn Bhd
  • CNI Enterprise (M) Sdn Bhd
  • DiGi
  • Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
  • Help University
  • Intertouch Sdn Bhd
  • International Islamic University
  • VSource Asia Pacific
Education Meeting

Business ,Government, Education Meeting

The backbone of any country is the Government and the legislation. The Education institutions are the development engine for the nation and the production capabilities are the Business.

For any Country’s growth, these 3 groups need to be synergistic and collaborative to ensure that the growth is aligned, sustainable and consistently evolving.

This new initiative of ATCEN is to bring these 3 parties together to overcome the challenges faced by the various industries and education institutions

These meets happen during the various Conferences, SME CEO Meets and Events that we organized. They are by invitation only. Some of our Partners for BGE are the SME Association Malaysia and Pikoje.

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