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The Sales Champion Mindset and Attitude

The Sales Champion Mindset and Attitude

  • 09 Dec 2019 to 10 Dec 2019

Whats About

Workshop Description
It is an undeniable fact that sales skills have to be complemented by the right sales mindset. It is a natural progression and an essential development of a Sales Professional. How often have organizations focused on intensive sales skills training and have neglected “mind training” for its sales staff. In the Sales 2.0 economy, success lies in the sales professional’s ability to think. The Sales Champion Mindset workshop focuses on the development of the mind of the Sales Professional. To develop and train the mind to have a razor-sharp focus and structured thinking skills. This workshop will change the way you think about sales. It will guide the new, transform the old and elevate the performer to Sales Champion leagues.

Workshop Learning Objectives
• Aligning your thought pattern to be sales focused;
• Leverage on our in-built Mind Power to achieve success;
• Steps and actions that need to be taken to achieve Sales Champion status;
• Create an entrepreneurial mode of execution;
• Develop a positive mindset and outlook in sales life;
• Develop the mind to produce positive thoughts;
• Plan a concrete success-building plan;
• Discover why your thinking power is more important than mere intelligence.

Who Should Attend?
• All Sales Professionals



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