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Corporate Grooming & Business Etiquette

Corporate Grooming & Business Etiquette

  • 23 Apr 2018 to 24 Apr 2018
  • Vistana Hotel
  • Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia

Whats About

A well groomed person with appropriate business etiquette is a must in business today. As we become more visually incline and image conscious, the need for confident positive image, visually pleasant and the ability to relate to effectively to others will result in higher opportunity for success. This workshop introduces the participants the essential elements and techniques associated with projecting a professional and business etiquette in the workplace. The selected modules encompass on the right image, grooming, business etiquette; while emphasis is set towards the business context relaying on positive interpersonal communication for effective results. Workshop Learning Objectives • Develop a confident, polished professional image • Increase success with professional personal image and projection; • Develop powerful first impressions and lasting impressions; • The Importance of the right look – Clothing, Hair and other accessories in developing a professional image that relates with the corporate image • Leverage on our physical appearance to enhance our communication. • Learn how to use image to enhance client-relations and impression • Enhance confidence and influence as personal and professional development translates into a positive change in attitude, appearance and actions. • Gain new insights on how to make better selections and how to co-ordinate their personal colors, styles, fabrics and accessories in ways that flatters the individual, which are appropriate for the business in the communication industry and will enhance their goals. • Learn the fundamentals of grooming and tips. • Learn to identify skincare products for different skin types. • Learn the Business Make-Up Technique (Hands-On) Who Should Attend? (Workshop is for Ladies Only) • Front Liners • Executives • Managers • Business Development / Sales Professionals BROCHURE DOWNLOAD Register my seat now!

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