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Assertive and Courageous Conversation at Work

Assertive and Courageous Conversation at Work

  • 26 Jun 2019 to 27 Jun 2019
  • Vistana Hotel
  • Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia

Whats About

This training is PSMB SBL-KHAS All Executives need to communicate to a wide variety of people from their boss, fellow peers and even external parties such as customers and vendors. They must have the skill to be both empathetic and caring yet assertive at times. This is especially true when issues need to be raised to ensure organization values and rules are followed and any disruptive behaviour is stopped. However not all are able to initiate or manage them-self professionally in such a situation whether this is with their bosses, peers, subordinates or external parties suppliers. This is particularly true when the situation becomes hostile and when strong feelings are involved. Some manages prefer to avoid it all together and sweeping all these under the carpet. This 2-day workshop introduces the participants to the key elements and practical techniques associated with having an effective courageous communication. Workshop Learning Outcomes

    • Learn that communication never stops
    • Be able to articulate our thoughts and opinions to others confidently
    • Understand our personality and using it to enhance relationships
    • Be assertive with others on what needs to be done
    • Practice giving feedback to our staff in a supportive manner;
    • Be able to communicate with flair, facts and empathy
    • Demonstrate professionalism when interacting with staff and peers;
    • Practice framing the courageous conversation to ensure influence, impact and effectiveness of conversation
  • Improve self-confidence in speaking up for courageous situations by using various techniques
Who Should Attend?
    • Senior Managers
    • Managers
    • Team Leaders
    • Senior Executives


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