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[Part 2] Who Lost Your Customer?

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Delighting customer service experiences are difficult to come by let alone be created at every opportunity by an organization. So what is within the control of organizations that endeavor to fulfill this highly demanding requirement of everybodies like you and I? Establish a Service Charter Creating service charter by innovating (read plagiarize) or modifying existing [...]

The Life Cycle of Customer Service: From Conception to Birth

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Like the birth of a human baby, the ideals of customer service in an organization go through a similar “birth-cycle.” From the moment of realization that there is a need for customer service to sustain competitiveness in business (Conception) to the actualization of an impressive customer service delivery process (Birth). The following analogy provides a frame [...]

The Dummies 6-Step Guide to Good Customer Service

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The oddest thing happened to me recently, I achieved invisibility! Being a consummate stickler for long drawn out processes of large financial organizations and how defects seem to creep into the best thought out, multi-million dollar consultant assisted workflows, I had gone to a local financial institution to complaint of an over-charge of interest on my [...]

Telephone Greetings: The First Step to Customer Service

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A positive first impression is one of the most crucial factors in the successful delivery of spectacular customer service for callers to any organization. The telephone greeting symbolizes the inception of the customer service delivery cycle. The fact that many organizations do not recognize this is alarming. The general practice is to focus the setting [...]

Defining the Customer Experience

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“How are you currently measuring the actual customer contact experience of your customers?" Quantifying customer experiences across customer segments is essential in order to identify both opportunities for increasing revenue from customers and risks of customer defection. This article will provide an introduction to an emerging area of CRM, defining actual customer contact experience; a [...]

The Best Customer Service Quotes

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Over the years I’ve developed a passion for collecting quotations. They come in all manner of topics, shapes and sizes. Some of the quotations are humorous, some serious and mostly thought provoking. Below are some of the better quotes related to customer service that I’ve come across. As you go down the page, spend a minute [...]

Understanding the Customer Experience

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   By Ken Ng There’s been a lot of talk lately in the service industry about delivering the customer experience. What does it really mean when it boils down to execution and delivery of this intention? What are the areas one has to consider in order to perfectly execute this challenging maneuver? The customer experience can be [...]

Customer Service in Technical Support Help Desks: A Paradox Insurmountable?

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Customer Service, an element that is getting more and more attention these days. Local industries in various sectors are attempting to strengthen the myth of Customer Service. To embrace and implement programs to introduce change among the file and ranks. However, this seems a bigger job than expected. It seems this is a concept although practiced [...]