Building and Enhancing the Growth & Success Capacity of your Business

Managing a successful business in any industry requires continuous improvement and enhancement of various company processes leading to organization success. ATCEN, provides hands-on capacity building services that help companies develop and optimize their business processes.

Our Capacity Building services is divided into three main categories: Organizational Strategy Enhancement, Enterprise Customer Experience and Contact & Customer Interaction Centre.

By consulting with you on each of these four categories, as well as their intersection, we’re able to help your company develop the capacity for your organization growth.

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” – John f. Kennedy

Developing direction and purpose for sustainability and performance

Our Organizational Strategy Enhancement Services are designed to provide your company with that additional push and rejuvenation by assisting in developing, clarifying or refreshing your organizational direction.

From our experience, a clear direction creates purpose and this is the soul and passion of any organization. By leveraging on employees’ passion, an organization develops natural individually driven agility and performance at every level. Additionally, money and meaning drives the workforce today and with the soul and purpose evident in your organization, it will be a natural attraction for talent to remain and new talent to join.

Inquire with us on how we can assist the SOUL and PURPOSE for you.

Our Organizational Strategy Enhancement services include:

  • Vision, mission, values refresh
  • Organization direction setting
  • Leadership and management development strategy
  • Transformation to the Service mindset
  • Transformation to the Digital mindset

Our clients in this area: AIR Selangor, Etiqa, IBM Malaysia, KWSP, MSIG, SWIFT Asia Pacific, Valiram Group.

“CX is the expression of authenticity in caring for customers at every step of their journey with us.” – Ken K. Ng

Developing Customer Experience into a clear revenue generation channel

Brands prosper or perish based on customer perception and giving recognition to that Brand Experience is the catalyst to your organization’s success; the Customer Experience (CX) is quintessential to the heart of all this.

ATCEN has been assisting organizations improve their CX since 2003 and we are able to share this experience through our journey in this ever-evolving arena of CX to your organization. Be it consultancy, training or platform speaking, ATCEN will be able to create awareness, encourage behaviours and inspire action in your team. We approach these services with a high level of CX delivery to our clients too. Utilizing an immersive and inclusive approach to organizational improvement, we work hand-in-had with your staff transferring knowledge and, in the process, create ownership, accountability and internalization of core purpose of the projects.

Why ATCEN for CX in your organization?


We have developed a reputation of respecting our clients in that we remain true and sincere to the heart of your organization, aspirations and budget. All our solutions are customized based on integration of world-class standards and practices to suit the application within your company. As our client testimonials show, we are humbled by being one of the most trusted brands in customer experience.


Although we’ve grown in respect and number of projects in the industry, we maintain a lean team of experts with deep experience in customer insight, CX design and implementation, branded training and CX measurement. We have a humble HQ which is highly dynamic and agile in approaching our projects.


As opposed to sending in a team of consultants to enable all the change for you, we use utilize various approaches to transfer knowledge to the internal team. Hands-on project experience, workshops and train-the-trainer experts prepare your team to implement customer experience and train your own people to deliver and measure it. This helps you build the right foundation and create the internal capability to ensure the results are sustained long after the ATCEN team is gone.

Results Oriented

The ultimate aim of developing a customer experience strategy or implementation is to deliver astounding experiences that extend the customer life cycle and achieve an increase in commercial return. Our CX case studies demonstrate our commitment to this.

Inquire with us on how we can raise the level of customer engagement and improve customer centricity.

Our Enterprise Customer Experience (CX) services include:

  • CX strategy
  • CX roadmap and blueprint
  • CX performance management mapping
  • CX strategy implementation
  • CX initiatives sustainability

Our clients: Bank Negara Malaysia, Hong Leong Bank, CIMB, Commerce Assurance, Grab, MAA, SP Setia, ARB, Kenanga Investment Bank, KWSP

“The Contact Centre is the HEART of CX strategy; not leveraging on it is akin to losing the lifeline of customers.” – Ken K. Ng

Raising the level of Contact and Interaction centres to deliver the distinct CX to the empowered customer

The Contact Centre has evolved and in the age of digitalization, technology is transforming customer experiences and expectations at a terabit rate. However, managing the digital and human divide is a tricky one as customers have not fully evolved into the fully digital citizen. This is where Contact and Interaction centres have to understand what are their customers’ desire for service to day and the future.

ATCEN’s Contact Centre Consulting services specialises in providing a series of services to Contact Centres that are wanting to transform their operational environments.

​We work with our clients to develop and execute effective strategies and operational plans which maximise contact centre revenue, improve customer experience, minimise cost and improve operational performance.

Our dynamic team are Contact Centre practitioners with experience spanning over 2 decades. From the introduction of basic telephony call centres to the Omni Centre of today, our team are able to provide the support you need to develop a wide customer centric vision that epitomizes spending efficiency in investing in the right areas.

Inquire with us on how we can help you develop your contact centre that is suitable for the demands of today and the future.

Our Contact and Customer Interaction Centre services include:

  • Centre building projects
  • Strategy development
  • KPI development
  • Centre process mapping and enhancement
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Interaction quality monitoring enhancement
  • Web chat & chat bot development
  • Centre wide people development

Our clients: AmBank, ASTRO, Bank Islam, Bank Rakyat, Celcom, Dell, Etiqa, Hong Leong Bank, KWSP, Maybank Group Contact Centre, Nokia, TM, VADS

Past/Current Client Engagements

Amanah Raya Berhad

Service mindset and Delivery transformation for branches and Contact Centre.

Bank Rakyat

Consulting, Training and Auditing their new Contact Centre setup.

Bank of China

Developed the service behavior for front line staff in Malaysia and trained BOC Trainers from China on implementation.


Develop and conducted the SEA regional customer experience initiative, including Train the Trainer and Manuals.


Front Line and Contact Centre transformation and roll out Regionally. This was delivered during CIMB group restructuring in 2006-2007.

Digi Telecommunications

Service Mindset and Transformation for Front Line and Contact Centre branding. Assist in the development of the SME Business Sales Division.


Regional trainer for their global customer initiative.


Process improvement and training development of Customer Interaction Centre.

Etiqa (ETiQa Takaful)

Supported the re-branding of Maybank Ageas to ETIQA. Involved in Value and CX immersion of Branches and Contact Centre.

Employees Provident Fund (KWSP)

Part of KWSP Transformation Implementation.  Managed the People and Mindset Segments of the Project. Been involved since 2010 and ongoing.

Hong Leong Bank

Developed and Trained the Touch CX Spirit in HLB. Involved in numerous CX initiatives across several divisions and overall trained nearly 80% of their total staff-force.


Improving the CX experience and Contact Centre process for global operations.


Upskill and Develop the SME Division employees and partners. Includes digitalization education of the various platforms as Maxis becomes a technology company. Been involved since 2016 and ongoing.


Setting up of Maybank Group Contact Centre with Hewlett Packard as the Project Leader.

SP Setia Bhd

Developing and enhancing the CX and interaction process in HQ and Branches.

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