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Business Advisory – Strategic Branding

To excel, all organizations need to have a strong, powerful and differentiated position in the market place. This branded positioning is what defines the organization and makes it the best among its competitors.As the business environment becomes more complex and global, competitive stakes are being raised as companies are forced to move faster, grow more efficient, and find fresh sources of differentiation. ATCEN Strategic Branding advisory is here to support organizations in overcoming the competition and deriving new ways to compete because we believe that if you’re not winning, you’re losing.

Our industry experience, creative thinking combine with our hands on approach with our clients, ensures innovative customized and practical solutions for our clients.

  1. Branding Audit
  2. Brand & Marketing Strategies Development
  3. Corporate & Organizational Branding
  4. Rebranding & Positioning
  5. Brand Communications & Campaign Development
  6. Corporate Identity Design & Creative Implementation


We have worked with more than 20 companies on their corporate branding and product branding initiatives. These clients include:

Software Sdn. Bhd., AIMS Cyberjaya Sdn. Bhd., CARI Internet Sdn. Bhd., CRN Solutions Sdn. Bhd., Devices World Sdn. Bhd., Docuflo (MSC) Sdn. Bhd., Dynafront Systems Bhd., EA Consulting Asia-Pacific Sdn. Bhd., Edaran IT Services Sdn. Bhd., Extol MSC Bhd., EZYPZY Sdn. Bhd., GHL Systems Berhad, ISM Insurance Services Malaysia Bhd., iTAC MSC Outsourcing Sdn. Bhd., MSC Technology Centre Sdn. Bhd., My-Partners Surveillance Solutions Sdn. Bhd., MySepadu Sdn. Bhd., NCB TechVision Sdn. Bhd., Pentasoft Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Priority Smart Solutions Sdn. Bhd., Vidasprint Sdn. Bhd., and more.


“This project helped us to refocus on the value and importance of branding – both corporate and product branding. It gave us a clearer direction in defining our brand identity, our market differentiation and positioning. It prompted us to undertake initiatives to re-evaluate our marketing approach, strategies and delivery; re-evaluate our internal processes and areas of improvement.” Pentasoft

“After attending the MDEC branding session conducted by ATCEN, I realized that branding is very important for both the company and product.” Andy Phan, VP Consulting, Docuflo (MSC) Sdn. Bhd.