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ATCEN Education Group

The ATCEN Education Group is one of the largest people development companies in Asia. We pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive educational experience to people of all ages and backgrounds. The ATCEN Education Group comprises of several companies and business divisions. All the business are related to our concept of Edutainment (education and entertainment) as we believe that only with knowledge and skills can we create a better future for all.

Brand Directions


To be Malaysia’s Largest Education & Training Group.


Making a Difference by Making Lives Better.


Affordable Quality Education.



Our Quality Policy is defined and strongly driven by the following principles and behaviours:

  • To act with integrity in all matters related to our business
  • Continuously improve and innovate our business processes, products and service to benefit the wellbeing of all stakeholders
  • Build a mutually profitable and sustainable relationship with our customers and partners
  • Achieve the quality standards and commitment for quality, cost, and schedule
  • Develop our staff competencies, creativity, empowerment and accountability to achieve our quality standards.



We are delighted to present with our Client Service Charter which outlines the key commitments and standards of service for our clients

Pillar 1: We must know the needs of our Clients

Pillar 2: We must fulfil the commitments we have made to our clients in a timely and effective manner

Pillar 3: We seek and welcome any feedback that is provided to us for our continuous improvement

Pillar 4: We act with high integrity always with our clients

The Orange Story

It was a tiring and exhausting afternoon in mid 2003 when the founders of ATCEN had one of their earlier meetings while enjoying fresh oranges. The team shared how they have always liked the vibrant color as it looked like a burst of energy and exuded creativity. It was at that moment that Orange became ATCEN’s branded signature color and the story was to be known as The Orange Story.

Oranges have been shouting “freshness” to ATCEN’s visitors since ATCEN was brought to life. In ATCEN, we never run out of the Orange spirit. That’s our commitment to you. It’s our way of sharing with you our values of Enthusiasm, Creativity, Quality and Relationship in the most refreshing way.


The ATCEN Way 

In this journey called life, you will come across opportunities to join a crew of diverse individuals on a wondrous journey, filled with challenges as well as rewards. Should you decide to join this crew, first, you must spend months building a sturdy ship strong enough to withstand the rigors of the journey. Together, you will then launch the ship towards its destination. Undaunted by the uncharted waters, you charge forward towards the ultimate destination, your dreams.

On good days, the winds will fill the sails of your ship, driving it in the right direction. The sunlight warms your face as a gentle breeze caresses your face. All is well on this little ship of contented crew in the middle of the vast ocean. Then there are bad days where the ship and crew are at the mercy of the ocean. The relentless waves whipped up by storms crash against the ship, threatening to break it into a million pieces. The crew, sick with fear, wonder about their fate and whether they will survive this great adversity.

It is at times like these when you question the quest of the journey, and the hardship and sacrifices needed to reach the destination. Now, the dream is not as desirable as previously perceived to be, nor worth the risks involved in achieving it. However, if you persevere, have belief in the ship that you built, and most importantly, trust the competence and abilities of your fellow crew members, you will be able to weather out the storm. From this trial, the ship will emerge unscathed and the crew with more belief in themselves to reach the promised destination.

This is the story of such a journey, the ship is known as ATCEN and we are the crew members onboard. We call our story… The ATCEN Way.

You may think that anyone can be an entrepreneur just by establishing a business enterprise but the true question is, will it be a success? You may have thought of the best ideas and plans but what if the market is not ready for your idea or want more than you can offer?
ATCEN was not built solely for the motive of profits. Why? Because we believe that there is more to life than just money. ATCEN aspires to revolutionize the Malaysian business approach; to be a model company, an innovative company. A company where the principles and values of the organization are not mere talismans on display but in every breath we exhale. We care for the development of people, to build characters and the entrepreneurs of the future.

In addition, we saw great business opportunities in the people and brand development market that is not new. We just knew we could do better and provide enhanced value to the market. We did not need a great business idea, but an idea that was desired by the market.

Many instances in organizations, family or even in our circle of friends we always want and need confirmation and a sense of approval on our ideas and way of thinking. We always appreciate individuals that provide us confirmation on our way of thinking, and sing praises of our ideas or maybe even attitude, habits and work ethics. But these “feel good words” most of the time are not the “truth”.

  • I don’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings
  • I don’t want people to dislike me
  • I do not want to be the cause of the problems
  • Lack of competency in handling and managing conflict

But as entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs “to be”, we must always tell the truth and in return seek for the truth. The truth might not be what you want to hear, and yes the truth definitely hurts. But more importantly the truth helps progress in the long run, because it helps us understand what we as individuals are doing wrong, our weaknesses, our areas of improvement and the impact on our decision making process.

In every organization, whether it being a small or a big organization, the vision and values are always stated. Why are these two elements important to run an organization? Vision summarizes what you want to achieve and it also determines your success. This is true because if a group shares a common interest and is aiming towards the same direction, it can achieve more compared to a group that is all aiming in a completely different direction without any guidance. Visions should be personal and be directed to each individual to create the impact. Jim Collins the author of “Good to Great” and “Built to Last” defines a corporate Vision best. He defines it as “The reason for an organization’s existence.”

Values are different from vision. Values are principles and moral standards which generally guides our action. These values guide the steps that we take in life. In ATCEN Sdn Bhd, our vision and values are what guides us in everything that we set to accomplish.

Our Vision: “Passion to Exceed Customer Delight”
Our Values: Enthusiasm, Creativity, Quality, Relationships

Most giant organizations tend to have lengthy visions but what is the use when the own crew members will not be able to remember it? At ATCEN Sdn Bhd, it is our duty to remember ATCEN’s vision and values. With this, the crew members will take the initiative to not only remember but put it into practice everyday.

We at ATCEN strongly believe in our values of Enthusiasm, Creativity, Quality and Relationship or better known to us as ECQR. What makes us different is that we do not see our values as simply being values. We refer to our values as the ATCEN DNA because our values define the life of ATCEN. Here in ATCEN, we strive for originality with a purpose. We do things the unconventional way.

In today’s environment of what is deemed as an “extreme economy”, entrepreneurs must start to think win/win and not the old conventional way of “I am enclosed and protective of whatever resources and ideas I have”. The business environment driven by the global economy is moving way too fast for an individual to respond. Many businesses fail due to businesses set up together with friends and family that do not have the necessary skills neither do they have the drive or discipline to succeed. We need to leverage on business partners with the relevant skills and competency to support our endeavors.

This is one thing that we learnt from Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric and has consistently put to practice to ensure our goals are always stretch. This will direct us to be focus and always be chasing for something bigger than us.

Are goals important? You might say yes. Do you have a goal? You might say no. Why do people not have goals in their lives then? Goals are something that you want to achieve in the future. Your goals must be consistent with your values. ATCEN practices a criterion which is called SMART goal.

S = Specific
M = Measurable
A = Attainable
R = Realistic
T = Time-Bound

Measurable – A goal has to be measurable in units i.e. if you want to buy a car, how much will that car cost you? If you want to lose weight how much weight do you want to lose?

Attainable – Set goals that are attainable to the amount of time you have allocated for yourself. Many people set unrealistic goals and in turn they become “professional dreamers.” (a word coined by Ernie)

Realistic – Have a goal that is practical. Others may think it isn’t but depending on your capabilities and if you are willing and able to work with your goal, then it is realistic.

Time bound – set a time frame for when you want to achieve that goal: Next week, next month, next year or you can even be more specific by writing the date and time. With a time bound measurement, we would work harder in making sure that we achieve that specific goal because if we don’t, we will always tell ourselves “later, tomorrow or next time”.

Key Performance Indicators also known as KPIs is not a new idea in the industry. KPIs help an organization define and measure progress toward organizational goals. They will differ depending on the organization. Whatever Key Performance Indicators are selected, they must reflect the organization’s goals, they must be key to its success and they must be quantifiable (measurable). In ATCEN, the organization has a focus KPI and each crew member has their individual KPIs as well.

Entrepreneurs today must be able to build a network of strategic partners and start leveraging on each others strength to gain better and stronger competitive advantage over the competition.

Strategic partnerships are usually formed with organizations that can add value to your organization and services through introducing their services in areas of services which your organization does not provide.

Learning something new can open many doors for us.

Learning can help you to earn more money, get a better job or do something you really enjoy.  Even if you weren’t very keen on learning when you were at school, you must realize by now that learning is something we have to go through during our entire life and the end result is the greatest achievement of all.

“Learn today; Lead tomorrow”

In ATCEN, the crew members do not work for money alone. Yes money is important and we do need it to keep ourselves motivated and to take care of fundamentals of life. However, we must never be working for money. For those who continue to stay on the ATCEN ship is hungry for the knowledge, the experience and the skills required for sucess that ATCEN stresses on every day.

People who have a desire to learn will go places. Always be desiring to learn more. The more we know, the more we realize that we do not know. And the more we do not know, the more we want to know. You may live up to the age of 90 but you will never have gained enough knowledge to have said that “I have obtained everything”.

Why does Nike “Just Do It” leave such a big impact on the public? Mike Wilskey, vice president of Nike US marketing said “That is the beauty and the power of the ‘Just do it’ message; It is highly motivational, yet extremely personal because it can mean something different to just about every athlete.” If you have a goal and a dream – Just do it. If you are a smoker and have a desire to quit, just do it.

We are constantly putting ourselves in a safe environment where we are afraid to speak out, to explore and to even ask questions. Remember, “Ask a question and you’re a fool for three minutes; do not ask a question and you’re a fool for the rest of your life.” Face challenges in the eye and undertake it with confidence and success in mind because if we do not do it, we will never know what the future has in store for us.

ATCEN adapts to changes instantly and this is why they adopted the just do it concept. If we stop and think while the market is changing, we might get left behind. John Maynard Keynes, a British economist once said “When facts change, I change my mind” and we must constantly be changing with a purpose and just be doing the right thing.

Just Do It – The ATCEN Way

  • We innovate continuously and consistently with passion to make our customers successful.
  • We help our people get the most out of themselves personally and professionally.
  • We work and make decisions fast with determination to achieve desired results.
  • We are flexible, adaptable and embrace change to perform.
  • We strive to find better ways of working to make things simple and logical.
  • We are radical at challenging conventional business practices and ideas.

We anticipate our future by creating it and making things happen.

An entrepreneur may establish a new business successfully but to grow it, they will need hired help. This makes the task of an employee a crucial and important role whether it is a small or big organization. They are the lifeline of the organization and keep things happening.

We must always hire for attitude and train for skills. During an interview, we must never judge an interviewee based on their educational background but instead on their attitude and the way they answer the interview questions.

The unemployment rate for graduates in Malaysia is rising every year. So what is happening even though they are all graduates? Most of our graduates are just paper qualified. They have no personal skills, experience, and some of them even lack the efficiency in important communicative languages.

Every organization wants to hire the best to work in their company and ATCEN is no different from them. With the right attitude, they will be willing to learn and to work hard that ultimately will deliver desired results

In order for an entrepreneurship set up to grow and prosper, entrepreneurs today must also be able to take on the role of a Mentor, Coach, Trainer and Counselor at the same time. This is because an organization is dependent on its people, and for an organization to grow, the people must grow in the avenues of knowledge and skills first. Thus it is important for entrepreneurs to note that, before expanding the business, we must have the right individuals, with the right competency, suitability and ability to execute and manage certain areas of deliverables for the organization to grow.

Organizations today must put in place, development efforts and succession plans, to always ensure that past knowledge is preserved and future knowledge is created. Albert Enstein says it best when he stated that “We cannot solve the problems of tomorrow with the same level of thinking we have today”.

An organization is a living breathing organism, and just like any living and breathing organism it needs to be able to evolve and adapt to its surroundings or die. Many organizations make the mistake of depending on one or a few selected individuals to do this, and they do not have or are not willing to provide a platform for succession of knowledge. We must always develop and share knowledge or resources and ensure that it is applied throughout the organization.

Business is just like football. It involves skills and practice to be the best; however those elements are not the main focus. A team might have the best players grouped together but without team work, they will still fail. It is true that a “one man show” will make you stand out, stand tall and be respected but for how long can you actually practice that before someone gets in the way and makes you fall?

In 1998, Frank Coraci directed the movie “The Waterboy” that was about a 31-year-old water boy, Bobby Boucher (Adam Sandler) who was constantly tormented by the team he works for until he is fired by the coach. Here, he finds an amazing talent for tackling people by pretending they’re making fun of him. Soon, he becomes the best linebacker in college football.

Life can be like that. We sometimes leave out some team members while they sit on the bench waiting for the opportunity to show their talent. This “benchwarmers” would eventually give up waiting and find opportunities elsewhere where they can shine.

At ATCEN, we believe in developing together, sharing, involving everyone in everything and making them part of the team. No one gets left behind as we move and grow as a team.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Jack Welch of General Electrics came up with the term “boundaryless” and practiced this culture. The boundaryless culture is an open organization which is free of walls and there is a continuous flow of information among the employees right up to the management. This is what we practice in ATCEN.

During a marathon, everyone starts off at the same point. All is eager to begin and to be in the competition but what happens when you move too slowly? Or when the competition becomes too competitive for you? During the journey, there will be obstacles blocking the way and the environment is constantly changing. So what do you do?

The best way to stay in the race is to keep up with changes by being fast and living speed. The market, the environment and the demand is constantly changing around us. In ATCEN, we cannot afford to be too comfortable in what we call our “comfort zone”. The comfort zone is where we feel safe and when challenges come our way, we are afraid that we might fail. Working hard does not guarantee performance or results. We need to be working smart, hard and to be working fast all the time.

In ATCEN, nothing stays the same. Plans are constantly up to date and changing. Every crew member does not stay within the same role and this is where multi-tasking comes into play. We live speed to stay competitive.

The corporate environment is all about getting things done, meeting datelines and most important of all, making a profit. It is important to do all the above but it is also more important to do the above while having fun with lots of celebrations.

In the book “All Business is Show Business” by Scott McKain, at a conference, he heard one of the speakers on the program, Mel Kleinman, questioned the audience “Do customers come first?” We have been taught to think that “The customer is always right!” and “Customers always come first” So naturally, the audience responded confidently “Yes!” To the audience surprise, Kleinman responded “No! Employees should come first!”

Why you ask? Because when employees come first, they will be happy. When the employees are happy, they will make their customers happy. In the end, isn’t that what organizations really want?

Different employee is motivated by different things. We often assume that every employee is motivated by the same thing but we must also understand that every employee has their personal values which vary accordingly. They can be motivated by status, results, job recognition, competition, praises, spending time together with colleagues and many other possible reasons.

The continuous fun and celebration that we have can only be possible through constant successes because no money means no celebration. Recognition will not cost anything and it does not take much effort to say “Good job” or even a simple “Thank you” but the results will be overwhelming. In ATCEN, the captain of the ship and his crew members always takes the initiative to recognize talents and hard work. Determination will not be left unnoticed and this is what motivates them to work harder and to achieve the goals.

Rewards are a greater motivational tool as the employees are able to know what lies ahead of them. In 2005, ATCEN rewarded three employees for three different categories. The categories were Most Promising Talent Award, Best Team Player Award and Best Performance Award. These are but just some of the rewards and recognition methods that can be practiced.

The common misconception on the general public have of us entrepreneurs are, that we are a kind of “super homo sapiens” a different kind of super humans. But in reality all entrepreneurs are merely ordinary people just like you and me. The only difference is that entrepreneurs are ordinary people that do things with extraordinary efforts. The secret is in fact a simple one, entrepreneurs align every facet of their life to their business objectives, in which they live, breathe, eat and think of ways on how to make their organization vision and mission a reality.

That is the truth of all great ideas, empires and civilizations started from an individuals’ mind. It is just how much believe, time, effort, sacrifice, to a certain extent “sweat and blood” that we are willing to invest into our beliefs to make it come true.