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Connecting Buyers and Sellers Globally

ATCEN International is a Sourcing, Marketing and Trading business matching specialist that upholds and maintains high level of Ethical Practices.

With an international business network established since 2003, we are able to establish a strong collaboration and partner network model leading to successful completion of transactions that lead to developing long-term business relationships.

We are known for our high levels of professionalism supported by proven processes that promise unfaltering attention to the completion of transactions end-to-end – from Request to Receipt of goods.

Our specialties are Personal Protective Equipment, 3-ply face masks, N95, KN95, Nitrile Gloves, Latex Gloves, protective gowns, other related protection wear.

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Corporate Training | Capacity Building | Corporate Events
People Development and Capacity Development

ATCEN is your People Development and Capacity Development Partner. We believe all individuals can contribute to the betterment of self, the organization and the community.

Having played an active role in developing high performance in many organizations in the Asia Pacific Region, we continue to strive to deliver measurable change in our services.

We have extensive experience in delivering business training, business events and capacity building engagements for professionals and businesses.

Through our Leadership and Management Development trainings, Customer Experience workshops, Contact Centre Certification and online English Programs we empower people to fulfil their purpose and mission and build sustainable capabilities for their success.